To customers, partners and investors:

On behalf of all officers and employees in IDI Group, I would like to send to you and your family the best gratitude and wishes for success and prosperity!.

In 20 years of continuous development as well as the reliability and great support from customers, IDI Group has gradually grown much stronger. From that starting point as Indochina International Infraestructure Joint Stock Company, by far, IDI Group has become a powerful investment group leading in the fields of maritime, energy, transportation, construction, beverages and restaurants. With 13 member companies operating in these fields, IDI Group has achieved many successful business; be trusted, loved and appreciated by many partners, customers and investors, both domestically and abroad.

The tradition and prestige of IDI Group comes from the desire to contribute to make changes and develop the country of Vietnam after many years of hard time. Our brands contain determination, creativity and youth.

In the rapid international integration trend nowadays, our group always proactively improve inner strength along with welcoming foreign partners to seize the business opportunities for sustainable development.

With the policy of expanding cooperation for future development, we welcome all customers, partners, and investors, together implementing promising business projects. Your trust and cooperation is a prerequisite for our success.

Sincerely yours, 

                                           Chairman of the IDI Group Managing Board

                                                          NGUYEN CONG DIEM


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